Autumn is one of the nicest seasons for outing. M-SPACE team went to Yuyao in Zhejiang Province for a three-day team building trip where we crossed the mountains and sang through the valleys! Time passed fast yet memories ever last.

Let’s look back at the sweets and bitters!

Gears on for departure to Siming Mountain. Upon arrival everyone was gladly greeted by the bright blue sky and fresh air. The journey started with the 3-hour hiking tour where laughter suffused under the nature wonders and beautiful sunset.

The second day began with an one-hour refreshing morning yoga.

Followed by a series of tasks given to each team to compete in a village including connecting with local villagers, flying through the jungles, climbing across the canyons, dancing on the ropes, and ended with stepping over the glass skywalk etc, that something never been experienced by the M-SPACE urbanites.

Trust and a sense of honor have strongly been built up within the teams.

At the night campfire party, we created a surprise for all the October-born colleagues. Happy birthday to all!

The last mission of the trip was to build a dream M-SPACE Complex model, with the given materials and resources. Each team was responsible for designing and building one functional structure. The complex includes office building, manufacturing site, dormitory building, parking lot, the grand entrance, the greenery and the helicopter apron.

After 1.5 hours, there it was the finished panorama! The presentation on the creation given by each team representative was confident and inspiring, which significantly conveyed the passion and innovation on how they see the future of the company.

The bonding team spirit will be continued to sparkle in the future of M-SPACE, where people can see and experience from any of M-SPACE’s internal and external happenings.

See you again next year.