The 3-day WORKSPACE 2020 has come to an end on 2nd September. With the theme “Connect · Interact” this year, it set and led the industry trends by perfectly integrating workplace design, smart office systems and healthy working solutions.

Besides the leading brands exhibiting, WORKSPACE 2020 has teamed up with top design firms creating the art installation of “future of workspace”, acoustics & wellbeing experience center, and the “Workspace Spotlight” forum.

WORKSPACE is a platform truly connect the exhibitors and audience with insightful research and experience, reflecting in the dynamic and diversified communication and sharings in any corners within the show.

At the “Workspace Spotlight” forum, distinguished industry experts shared daily on case studies and practices on a series of topics of design, management, technology and health, including but not limited to Workspace Sustainability, Workspace Acoustics & Wellbeing, Workplace Strategy & Design, Linking Business Strategy & Workplace Design, New Way of Working (NWOW), Redefining Workplaces and Lightening up Your Office.

“TOGETHER, WE CREATE THE BEST!” was the exhibiting mission of M-SPACE this year. Partnering with Adam Aubrey, we jointed hand to showcase a topnotch workplace setting for the audience from all over China.

As a leading workplace holistic solution provider, M-SPACE partners with a series of premium brands locally and worldwide to create the best solution for each valued client. Our services include workplace furniture, healthcare and education furniture, IAQ purification solution, pure drinking water, carpet and flooring, wall partition system, sound masking solution, meeting room booking system and artwork consultancy.

Cosm from Herman Miller was the spotlight of our booth. Its sophisticated ergonomic design sets a new bar for instant, personalised comfort, no matter who sat in the chair before you, how long you’ll be in it, or what you’ll be doing. Cosm’s revolutionary Auto-Harmonic Tilt does just that - putting the person first and responding to them, no matter their posture - for total support. Besides Cosm, we also showcased other Herman Miller furniture selection, Toshiba Renecat, disinfection electrolysed water, carpet materials and so on. Outlined with the unique oriental red and oxford grey for the booth colour tone, M-SPACE displayed a culture where vitality and elegance coexist.

A 3-day with fruitfulness. M-SPACE will continue our sails through fostering communication and exchange amongst creative and design innovators, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Thank you everyone who attended our booth and your continuous support.

We look forward to seeing you again in 2021.