On Jan 3, brothers and sisters of M-SPACE gathered together for the company annual dinner under the theme of “The Best Time is Now”. Everyone dressed up exquisitely in their look of 70s, 80s and 90s to spread the vintage vibes.

It was such a delight to also have special guests from Herman Miller joining the dinner - including Kartik Shethia, VP of Herman Miller Asia Pacific, Charles Mak, Sales Director of Greater China, Justin Xi, Sales Director of East China, Georgina Zhou, Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific, and Martina Li, Market Manager, Shanghai. The open speech given by Kartik Shethia was fairly inspiring which conveyed the confidence and expectation he has on M-SPACE in coming years, as well as the gratitude on the mutual support in the 15-year partnership between Herman Miller and M-SPACE.

Games and lucky draws were the routine sessions annually. This year the game by the four giants Kartik, Charles, Alex and Tony was undoubtedly the funniest highlight of the night. Distance of age blurred when games and guts on!

2019 was an unforgettable year for M-SPACE. We paid, we gained, and most importantly, we learnt from each other, be it good or bad. M-SPACE was officially rebranded from POSH Shanghai on 1 Jan 2019, we’ve just celebrated our first anniversary on 1 Jan 2020. Stepping into another milestone, M-SPACE strongly believe that more wonderful stories are to be continued and written, with our mission statement “Connecting you and me, achieving the best space."

The growth of M-SPACE would not be so impressive without the massive continuous support and effort from the senior employees who have been working for M-SPACE for over 10 years. Alex Liu, General Manager of M-SPACE, expressed his sincere gratitude to each of these loyal individuals on stage at the award presentation, said “People is one of our most valuable assets. Let us cheers for the new year and the fantasy we are to create together.”