Dear Clients and Partners,

Since the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak in China during Lunar New Year, M-SPACE management team have been positively conducting various precautionary measures at our office and showroom to prevent the infection and calm nerves, as well as activated business continuity plans.

Any employee who returns Shanghai from other cities after CNY holiday is required to self-quarantine at home for 14 days from the date of return, with reporting its temperature and health condition daily to our Human Resources department.

The holiday was extended to help contain the outbreak. At the meantime --

On Feb 3 our sales team started working from home;

On Feb 8 - we assigned professional solution provider to conduct the disinfection for the whole office and showroom areas;

From Feb 10 - employees shift to resume work back at office. Meanwhile we suggest employees to work from home, cancel physical results briefings and holding them via webcast and teleconferences instead. We have also cautioned our employees against shaking hands and hugs as a form of greeting. Regular actions are taken to sterilise office at a daily basis. Masks and sanitizer are provided at entry and specific points for daily use.

Until today, all departments of M-SPACE have fully resumed work. If you are planning to visit our showroom recently, please contact related sales persons and arrange a visiting schedule in advance. Don’t forget to bring your ID card for building entry registration as well as be prepared to take body temperature.

Herman Miller Dongguan factory is also slowed by the coronavirus with part of the workers still stuck in their cities due to travel restrictions or quarantines, despite the Guangdong Province authorities has announced all businesses to reopen by Feb 10. Logistics and customs clearance services are yet to be back on track. Therefore, lead time to deliver existing and new orders will be postponed due to limited production at this period.

Herman Miller management team are making every effort to resume the supply. We will share with you regular updates on M-SPACE and Herman Miller. Our project teams together with supporting departments are at your service anytime and they will be in touch with you to keep track with your order status.

Thank you very much for your understanding and continuous support.

We believe we are all together in it with China!

Your Sincerely,