M-SPACE moved to the new showroom in Surpass Space Heritage Plaza in June 2017. By that time, there’s no furniture showroom in China that ever received WELL Certified™ Gold or Platinum standard. The team decided to pursue Gold after studying through WELL building standard v1, as well as evaluating the condition of our space and the project budget.

M-SPACE is fairly delightful to have created the first WELL v1 Certified™ Gold showroom for our partners and clients who share same vision and insights and who intend to pursue the same standard for their environments. Clients see M-SPACE as one of the industry pioneers and trusted partners to improve health, happiness and human experience through design and professional solutions. M-SPACE’s expertise helps to build up the rapport and therefore drive the business forward.

On 29th October, an award ceremony was held to celebrate this milestone. M-SPACE as one of the pioneering furniture showrooms in China that received WELL Certified™ Gold, was significantly glad gathering all invited guests to witness this wonderful moment together.

The opening speech was given by Norman Wu, Deputy General Manager of M-SPACE. Followed with the insightful sharing by Tony Armstrong, Senior VP of IWBI Asia, about the interior space analysis and research conducted by IWBI, as well as the cognition and application of WELL Building Standard in domestic and global markets. In Asia, China has become the largest market with the most WELL Certified™ projects. Japan comes the second.

Corrine Chen, Associate Director of Sustainability, Cushman & Wakefield, and Karen Wang, Senior Administration Manager of M-SPACE, shared with the audience the challenges and related solutions, as well as a series of highlight features of M-SPACE showroom project from the step one application to the final certification.

There came the plaque presentation. Tony Armstrong, Senior VP of IWBI Asia, awarded the plaque of WELL Certified™ Gold to Alex Liu, General Manager, Helen Lu, Director, and Tony Gu, Director of M-SPACE.

Alex then expressed his gratitude to every project member for achieving this honour.

M-SPACE believes, people is one of the most valuable assets of the company. The company care about their well-being, mental health and growth with the company. Together with WELL certified™, M-SPACE create a working environment where people can live, work, heal and learn, that advances wellness and human experience.

Through enhanced quality standards of air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind, the overall workplace environment improves employee performances and productivity, builds up corporate culture, reduces absences and retents talents as well as attracts new generations to join the company. M-SPACE is focused on building an environment where people and creativity can thrive.

The achievement of WELL Certified™ Gold is another milestone for M-SPACE team. It is another door opened to share knowledge, experience and insight with clients and related parties. M-SPACE aims at creating the very best and healthy working environment to our people, setting an example in the market on the future of work.

The successful pursuit of WELL Certified™ Gold has made M-SPACE’s showroom a destination for industry peers to visit and be inspired. M-SPACE has created a happier and more productive workplace that lead to the sparkle of ideas and positive impacts.