Shanghai-based workplace holistic solution provider POSH Shanghai has undergone a total brand review and today launched officially by the three shareholders, Mr. Alex Liu, Ms. Helen Lu and Mr. Tony Gu, its rebranding strategy by unveiling its new name Multi-Space (M-SPACE) together with new logo, mission and vision statement, website and the complete visual identity package at its 1700 square meter Shanghai showroom to support its evolution to a leading industry pioneer.

Founded in 2006, POSH Shanghai has been one of the most outstanding dealers in Herman Miller Asia Pacific Family and served over 1,000 local and international clients over the years. POSH Shanghai’s heritage and decent reputation in the rapidly growing China market, is important. Therefore, this rebranding is essential to bring the cooperation to the next level along with preserving the distinct service experience that POSH Shanghai is renowned for. The commitment to the customers and partners remains the highest priority, M-SPACE are confident to provide continuously with products and services of the highest quality to all parties concerned.

By more closely aligning different business sectors under the brand including service solutions for workplace furniture and sound management, indoor air quality, indoor flooring, healthcare and education furniture/facilities, and art consultancy, this rebranding campaign brings together its valued clients who will explore more on the rebranding strategy of M-SPACE and benefit from greater convenience and a more professional and holistic approach with the support of the our partnering brands including Herman Miller, Nemschoff, Normann Copenhagen, maxdesign, Framery, Cambridge Sound Management, Mayair, Toshiba, Shaw Contracts, Leung Gallery and so on.

M-SPACE’s General Manager Alex Liu said: “We are very proud of what we have achieved together. M-SPACE is a brand that will be recognisably for our customers all around Asia Pacific even to the world in the future. The rebranding will enable us to capture the fast-growing industry flows across different business sectors by creating the most professional workplace service experience and achieving the best spaces.”
“We are building on what is a true China success story that has made M-SPACE a leading workplace solution provider for China markets. The rebranding will sharpen our competitive edge by offering attractive diversified solutions that carries the assurance of a consistently high-quality customer experience.”

M-SPACE’s Chief Operation Officer Norman Wu said: “We can assure our customers that M-SPACE will continue to provide the same high level of products and services that made us an industry guru. We will have the same dedicated team continuing to offer their professional and caring service style. We will also continue to build on our experience and understanding of what our customers truly value and treasure, such as more product diversity as well as add-valued services for their employees.

Major marketing and public relations campaign will be launched to promote recognition of M-SPACE and the benefits this rebranding will bring to the industry and customers. This rebranding will see a new M-SPACE name and logo that embodies a decade of work that has made its journey an excellent one, featuring the curvy symbol “M” which represents the heartbeat of the M-Family, the living line, innovation, positivity, creativity, flexibility, young power, strength and it’s openness to adapt to new changes. It speaks perfectly well with the DNA of what the full name Multi-Space is to deliver. The logo uses oxford grey and snow white as basic approach and the oriental red as a highlight to speak itself a story, distinctive yet rich, look towards the future with a timeless, yet contemporary elegance.

M-SPACE will continue to draw inspiration from the designs and tastes that represent the state-of-art workplace experience. The process encompasses both product offerings as well as on-going refinement of service offerings as a whole. Each business sector under M-SPACE will have its own distinct personality that reflects the specific needs of our customers, at the same time they hold hands to create seamless brand experience that truly, as its corporate mission stating, Connecting You and Me, Achieving the Best Space.