M-SPACE welcomed the most vital group of guests at its showroom today – the children aged from 6-14 who are extremely passionate about musical. We spent a wonderful afternoon together with their parents that full of laughter and sounds of nature.

This miracle journey was led by Pamela Cheung and Davis Huang, who both graduated from Shanghai Conservatory of Music and have extensive musical performance experience around the world.
The workshop started with a series of interesting warm-up games before entering into the session of vowel exploration, which requests more professional knowledge to follow. The little talents gradually picked up the methods of abdominal breathing.

The solo performance, which was the most anticipated session, came the last. The children, one by one, performed their own select song at their best. Everyone was very impressed by the massive power inside those small bodies and delightfully enjoyed the small concert!

The little genius brought to M-SPACE a beautiful afternoon in a sea of notes where everyone experienced the wonder of music and was softly healed after a long week’s work.

Children is our hope and future. One of M-SPACE’s social responsibilities is to cultivate and support the little angels. We care about their growth and wellness.

M-SPACE will continue to organize a broader range of events and activities. Let’s stay tuned!
Happy weekend.