The Herman Miller Knowledge and Insight Group is aiming to share Herman Miller research to clients and designers across International Markets. M-SPACE co-hosted with the programme lead of Herman Miller APAC Oliver Baxter a seminar today in our Shanghai showroom, to discuss about the topic “The Office is Dead, Long Live the Office” looking at internal and external research sources from around the globe.

At a time when there is an increased focus on the digital workplace, what role does the physical workplace play and are its days numbered? What are the pros and cons of virtual and physical working? Is coworking here to stay and will it impact the way corporations consume space?

More than 80 attendees with our guest speakers Oliver Baxter from Herman Miller, Jun Xiao from IDA Workplace + Strategy, Happy Le from BGIS, Alex Yu from Adidas, who shared their experiences on the evolution of workplace in digital era from both global and local perspectives.