Colebrook Bosson Saunders (CBS) is a brand under Herman Miller family specialising in human ergonomic solution research. CBS was established in England and has been drawing on the varied and complementary skills of its founders Martyn Colebrook, Peter Bosson and Brenda Saunders since its inception in 1990.

The unique design concept of CBS creates a brand new definition of workplace ergonomics and significantly improves the sitting postures and ways people work with the computers. This means establishing new methods, always improving on what has come before, and creating new solutions to an increasingly diverse range of ergonomic challenges. CBS push for new ideas and new processes with the ultimate goal of enhancing user experience.

The first ever CBS event in Asia Pacific was held today in M-SPACE Shanghai showroom, which opened in June 2017.

The event widely demonstrated CBS’s total solutions and its product offerings including monitor arms Flo and Ollin Series, AV/VC systems, light and charging solutions, and accessories.
At the VIP session, Mr. Matt Gedes, Sales Director of CBS Asia Pacific, Mr. Leo Chung, Senior Regional Manager of CBS Great China, and Mr. Vincent Dai, Manager of CBS East China, introduced the background stories of the brand and interacted with the VIPs by answering questions about how CBS products can help improve the health and happiness index at office. What a great sharing!

The spotlight was also on Mr. Piers Prior, the professional young racer came all the way from England. The super star was dressed in the one-and-only custom-made racing suit by CBS, displayed his great racing talents demonstrating on the English track. The engine running led to the climax atmosphere of the night.

The guests were also very well prepared for the racing sessions, which they received numerous scream and applause! Congratulations to all who won the prizes by CBS!

Mr. Alex Liu, General Manager of M-SPACE, congratulated on the success of the event, “I highly appreciate on the extensive ergonomic knowledge shared tonight by CBS, even myself learnt a lot. As the pioneer of workplace ergonomics, I am expecting CBS will bring our clients to a higher level of workplace comfort experience with its products and solutions.”