“Have you ever participated in Aeron Hockey Competition?”
“Yes! It’s so much fun!”
Be proud to raise your hands if you were one of the players!
The first Herman Miller Aeron Hockey Shanghai was organised in 2011, after seven years the game was finally back in the city on 18th May, landed in M-SPACE showroom.

A purpose-built court was set up in the outdoor area of the showroom with 10 full-functioned Remastered Aeron chair as the highlight of the game. Aeron is the world’s most well-known ergonomic office chair. Its introduction transformed the world of office seating. Recognised as an icon of design and awarded “Design of the Decade” by Time Magazine, it has been inducted into museum halls of fame across the globe and popularly crowned “King of Office Chairs”. Introduced in 1994 and remastered in 2016, Aeron was a deliberate departure from all other office chairs that came before.

On 18th May, 32℃, the sun’s blazing overhead in the afternoon, the arrival of the eight design teams and their cheerleaders had speeded up the heat on the court with their high spirit and will to win…

Before kicking-off the friendly match between Herman Miller team and M-SPACE team, Mr. Charles Mak, Sales Director of Greater China Herman Miller, explained about the origin of the Aeron Hockey: “Aeron Hockey was born as office workers across the globe aimed well-timed balls of paper at daydreaming co-workers. When Herman Miller introduced the Aeron chair, it’s ergonomic comfort and ground breaking pellicle suspension gave life to Aeron Hockey - now widely enjoyed as a fun and energetic team building exercise around the world. Win or lose, Aeron Hockey is great for relieving workplace tension and nurturing team spirit.”

Followed by the expectation on the game by Mr. Alex Liu, General Manager of M-SPACE, “I believe everything today will be beyond expectation. Are you ready to enjoy the excitement, the fun, the brotherhood and the game? Be safe, yet competitive. You will find how resilient and strong the Aeron chair is and Aeron isn’t just a task chair.”

Five players on each team seated on Aeron chairs, equipped with hockey sticks, a puck, helmets, arm guards and knee guards, taking up formation facing each other on the court. The referee tossed the puck onto the pitch and the teams battled it out…

Let’s all appreciate the incredible power of the eight teams (names by alphabetical) - CDnA, CJ2, Gensler, M Moser, Robarts Spaces, Spark, TJAD and Woodsbagot who perfectly demonstrated bonding team spirit and professionalism, they all aimed at competing for the title.

After three rounds of vigorous matches (Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals), Gensler team emerged victorious, walking off with 10 Aeron chairs and a champion trophy as a reward. Woodsbagot team completed oh-so-close as the 1st Runner-up. The final game was indeed breathtaking! M Moser, the champion of last season, tied for the 2nd Runner-up with Robarts Spaces. Spark cheerleader team was awarded the Best Cheerleader Team according to the criteria of Innovative, Entertaining, Cheerful, Visual Attractive. Congratulations to all!

Thank you for the teams that took part in the event. Without each of you the game wouldn’t be so successful and brilliant. We look forward to welcoming you at the next Aeron Hockey game in Shanghai, when the puck drops again on 2020, and there’s an honest-to-goodness chance the champion will defend its title.