With its grand opening in June 2017, POSH Shanghai new showroom (“The Showroom”) aims to become one of the key creative hubs and platforms on contemporary interior furnishings, showcasing design classics and latest solutions from Herman Miller and POSH for commercial as well as residential spaces in Shanghai even Greater China, through fostering communication and exchange amongst creative and design innovators, practitioners and enthusiasts.

Not only is it a new venue added to the burgeoning design and furniture scene in town, The Showroom is also an extension of POSH Shanghai’s former showroom in Hongqiao area which was opened in 2006, Through the years, the old showroom had brought wonderful memories to the industry and the team and now a new chapter has begun - as one of the outstanding dealers in Herman Miller Asia Pacific Family, POSH Shanghai aims to develop more business opportunities and extend its client portfolios in Shanghai market.

Situated on the 2/F of a modern industrial block adjacent to Power Station of Art inside a creative zone by the Huangpu River, this location used to be one of the event districts of Shanghai Expo. The Showroom spans over 1,400 square meter with an entire 2/F as the furniture display showroom, showcasing a variety of locally-made and imported products mainly from POSH and Herman Miller, as well as other brands such as CBS, Nemschoff, Naughtone, Geiger, Maxdesign, etc., There is also a mezzanine office space with 50 staff working in it, and a rooftop area which offers a 270-degree panoramic view of key Shanghai landmarks such as Lu Pu Bridge, Nan Pu Bridge, Shanghai Centre and part of The Oriental Pearl Tower, making it a special hideaway for tranquility in an urban environment.

"POSH Shanghai's new showroom has reached a new standard in the industry and set an example," said Andy Lock, VP, Herman Miller International. Following with a speech by Kartik Shethia, VP, Herman Miller APAC, “An increasing number of people will come to visit our new showroom where is their Home Away From Home. Herman Miller and POSH Shanghai will keep moving and create more miracles.”

A surprise moment - “Happy Birthday to Helen Lu!”

The opening of The Showroom also features Herman Miller Remastered Aeron Launch. Aeron has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work, workers, and work environments. By coupling co-designer Don chadwick’s vision with Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, the new Aeron works smarter than ever before. With updates that includes a more refined tilt mechanism, adjustable PostureFit SLTM, and 8Z Pellicle® suspension, the new Aeron performs better than ever before— so you can too.

The Showroom is the true realisation of the designer’s long term vision to create a space which greatly differentiates from the traditional furniture showrooms, and where each furniture piece is showcased with its unique soul and breath. Working closely with Herman Miller Asia Pacific team, the designer spent three months to finalise the design proposal and furniture selection, and one and a half year for completing the construction and furniture set up. With its key design concept “Journey of Fantasy”, The Showroom interiors are mostly decorated with two main materials - aluminium and mirror finish. The welcome area on 2/F is set to be the prologue of the journey, which one will see itself from different angles through the mirrors on both sides, as if looking through a kaleidoscope arousing curiosity to explore more with each step further into the heart of the showroom.

The five most iconic Herman Miller chairs Embody, Aeron, Mirra2, Setu and SAYL are “standing” in a line right in the middle of the spotlight, shining individually and as a whole. Three huge light boxes featuring mirror frame and Blue LED strip bring up the strongest heartbeat of all, inside which are different landscape settings according to Herman Miller Living Office concept. Besides, the most beloved two-layer huge jewellery box is perfect for VIP and private events with Japanese tatami design on first floor and state-of-the-art imported furniture pieces displayed on upper floor.

Stripping back to express the beam structures, the showroom inherits a touch of industrial essence of the building by keeping its original concrete flooring and ten immense reinforced concrete pillars with a kerosene lamp on each, greatly contrasts with the mainstream cyber look-and-feel interior.

With its generous space, The Showroom is also ideal for organising workshops, talks, seminars, private events and sharing sessions for 20 up to 300 people, for creating shared synergies and collaborative visions of all.

On the opening of The Showroom, Mr. Alex Liu, General Manager of POSH Shanghai said:” Being in the furniture industry for over 20 years, I’ve always loved and appreciated each piece, the birth of this brand new showroom is truly a dream come true. I hope this showroom brings a new dimension to the industry and changes the traditional perception on furniture of the general public. The opening today marks another milestone of our team and is just a beginning of our Journey of Fantasy.”